Longueville Media new publishing strategy

File formats

There are as many eBook formats available as there are devices. Longueville recommends producing eBooks in PDF, ePub and Mobi-Pocket at this point in time.

These allow books to be sold for reading on the Sony eReader (PDF, ePub) and Kindle (PDF, Mobi-Pocket). These three formats allow images to be included.

ePub and Mobi-Pocket allow for flexible text delivery, that is, text flow is automatically adjusted to suit the size of the screen. PDF is fixed page structure.

Each allow full colour production, but whether colour can be seen by the purchaser is dictated by what machine they are reading from. The Sony eReader and Kindle are black and white only at present. PDFs may be displayed in full colour on any computer.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

All three formats allow for DRM.

We suggest security be set to limit the number of copies that can be made is limited to three and that only limited printing be allowed, say, 10 pages.